Eddy Meivogel Projects


Well a list of projects that I worked on can be found below.


A school project to create a 3d simulation in Javascript. HallowPetz is a game where you can take care of Halloween characters(Zombies,Skeletons,Ghost etc)
Basicly a tamagotchi like game with a halloween theme.

-hatch your pumpkin
-feed your monster
-make your monster sleep
-play with your monster
-3d eniverment
-name your monster
-save/load your progress

To play the game clickhere

Eduard Meivogel
Kelly Sinia
Sandra Elzinga
Michael Koopmans

Posted on: 2016-11-04
Posted by: Eddy Meivogel

Three JS pool game

A pool game created in ThreeJS
Play it here
Source here

Posted on: 2016-10-17
Posted by: Eddy Meivogel

Project Arcane Crystal

Project Arcane Crystal is a school project where I worked on for a half year.
It is a falling blocks puzzle rpg! Currently we were only able to create a demo version of this game and I'm sad to say that I can only share this trailer for now...
I will fix the currently broken demo(Wanted to try something) when I have time.
Watch the video here

Made for : http://www.conceptsleutelaars.nl/
School: http://www.nhl.nl/

Need more information? Mail us at : ProjectArcaneCrystal@gmail.com

Made by Seers(Our team name)
Sigrid Stoeltje (Artist)
Erwin Wiersma(Game Designer)
Eddy Meivogel(Lead Programmer)
Remco Elzinga(Artist)
Sofie van den Broek(Programmer)

Posted on: 2015-06-20
Posted by: Eddy Meivogel

Space Smuggler [Grabber] Prototype

Space Smuggler[Grabber] is Prototype made in 2 day's in Unity3d.
Space Smuggler is going to be a serious game for people who just got a arm prosthesis!
So they will learn squeezing in a entertaining and fun way! :)
This was just one part of the game, the game has been cancelled

The prototype is made by
Eddy Meivogel(Programmer)
Eelco Faber(3d Artist)
Watch the video here

Posted on: 2014-09-18
Posted by: Eddy Meivogel


A game I made with Myself,Patrick Malissa,Paul Louis Caron,Joseph Wigley.
This game is created in Gameship Leeuwarden by NHL students and me(I was a intern there) too show how much interactivity you can have in augmented reality.
Since I recorded it in Unity you won't be able to see or feel the augmented reality things.
I will explain those here.

You are able to select your option by tapping the object on the screen. Of course you will be able to move around the menu with your camera!

You are able to look trough the Game with Augmented reality(Your game is printed on a Picture!)

Watch the video here
Project leader: Joseph Wigley
Developers: Eduard Meivogel ,Patrick Malissa.
Artist:Paul Louis Caron, Joseph Wigley.

Posted on: 2012-10-11
Posted by: Eddy Meivogel

Unity and Lua

A project to test Lua in unity.
I can call c# functions I created using lua script.
Start() Update() And OnGUI() functions are being called in those unity function! Means everything that has to do with GUI like the GUIDrawButton function have to be called there.
Start is for initialization when the game starts like finding a object

Watch the video here

Posted on: 2012-06-22
Posted by: Eddy Meivogel

Prototype: JoinZ

A prototype of a zombie game I created.
This game have had more then 9001+ play's/downloads on Gamejolt and therefore the most popular game I created
But beware even tough the download/play rate is high this is still a prototype!
Play Prototype: JoinZ

Mental Mirrors

I've created this game at the Global Game Jam 2014 with a couple of other people!
Talk to NPC's to gain a new "personality" which gives you abilities and change your looks.
Looking into a mirror will change your view of the world!
Play Mental Mirrors

Push Game Alpha

A small addicting strategy game where you send minions to the other side
But beware! The computer will send minions as well and when they collide with yours they will push your minion away.
Of course your minion can push too!
This game is still in alpha! The whole graphic style/design is not done yet!
Play Push Game Alpha

Camera Simulator

A camera simulator I made in less then a week for my end project at my(old)school.
I got as far as I could documented everything and this is the result.
The game need a lot of tweaks and more explaining hehe.
Play Camera Simulator

Staazje Website

A school project I and 5 others had to make, we had to make a website where students, teachers and possible company owners can manage internships
Our project group decided to separate the backend(Razor c#) and the frontend(made in Angular JS). I mostly worked on the backend and the database. Below some images of the website.

staazje 01

staazje 02

Posted by: Eddy Meivogel