Eddy Meivogel Projects

About me

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I'm Eduard Meivogel a someone who likes to learn by just doing things.
If I have an idea for a game I open a game engine and make it. Testing out my idea's.


Gameship b.v Programming Intern

I learned a lot about the Unity Engine there mostly by myself and eventually I was working on all kinds of Augmented Reality Projects. Unfortunately Gameship no longer exists Date: February 2012 till June 2012

WEBER Sites & Games Programming Intern

I Learned a lot about programming in general and in Flash(Actionscript 3) there. Check out their website: http://www.weberinteractive.nl/ Date: September 2011 till February 2012

Mediaheads Programming Intern

Creating serious games, currently working on a big project there Date: September 2017 till Ongoing

Basic Info

Name: Eduard Meivogel
Date of Birth: 08/Oct/1992
Living place: The Netherlands, Leeuwarden
Hobbies: Programming,Playing/making games and watching all kind of things
Favourite Games: Pokemon(all generations),Europa Universalis IV, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim,Age of Empires Series(I and III),Guild Wars 2
Facebook: Click here!

Friesland College: MBO, Game Developer
year: 2009 – 2013

-Java -Python3 -Javascript Unity3D
Game Development
Little bit of php,html and css

If you need more information, contact me!


I want to work in the gaming industry because I like programming and building games,
I like thinking about new idea's and working in teams.
Ofcourse I like playing games aswell!